LinkedIn Paid Ads Checklist

Learn if and how your business can use LinkedIn Paid Ads (even if you haven't used LinkedIn Ads before)

This checklist has been designed to help businesses identify if a Linkedin Ad Strategy can help them to get more clients.  

With 79% of B2B Marketers saying LinkedIn is an effective source for generating leads, LinkedIn Paid Ads is an effective option for scaling your LinkedIn activities.  

My name is Kylie Chown. I am a Linkedin Consultant, Trainer and Coach. 

I assist businesses to make the most of the opportunities to use LinkedIn as a business development platform. I help them to develop organic and paid traffic strategies.  

LinkedIn Ads is underutilised in paid advertising marketing. It affords a world of opportunity when use correctly. However, when not used correctly it can be costly and time consuming.  

The checklist is designed to help you assess where you currently are and highlight some of the opportunities for your business.  

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